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Reiki Training course


Reiki is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. It is the ‘KI’ of Aikido and the ‘CHI’ of Chinese Tai Chi and Acupuncture. Rei means Universal and Ki means Life Force Energy.

We all are born with this Universal Life Force, as it is energy of life itself. This force is around us and within us. It is a force of life, love and light; creation, preservation, and transformation. It is the force of evolution, of life, of health. This force is in action in all the living creatures, plants, animals and human beings. We are receiving it constantly in the form of ‘Prana’ by breathing and by food we absorb. However, Reiki is process to be blessed by an extra amount of these energies. It means a way to be healthier, more alive, more loving. Many people have experienced Reiki energy to contribute in their transformational process and finding personal inner meaning.  A new openness to our light being, our own higher self occurs. Natural talents and creativity are enhanced. Growth and change becomes an effortless process as subconscious blockages begin to melt away.  

The energy of Reiki is intelligent, self-regulating and being formless, this energy has capacity to rejuvenate just anything. It has miraculous effects in healing both chronic and acute diseases, and helps human in all the aspects of life- e.g. Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Alternative Therapy


Reiki is ancient form of Tibetan healing, rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr. Mikao Usai. As the dean of a Christen University in Japan, Dr. Usai prompted by questions from his students about miracle healing of Christ which he could not answer, soon left his position and began life long quest to find these truths. After spending 40 years of his life, searching for the clue, he finally found the answers in Tibetan Sutras. He discovered the formula- THE SYMBOLS- and the key to healing which explained how to activate the Energy.

His Master of Zen temple in Kyoto suggested that he should meditate upon the symbols and key to healing for 21 days. On the last day of meditation he had a spectacular epiphany experience during which he was shown how to activate the energy and give the gift of Reiki- the technique of healing by laying on of hands.

Dr. Usai practiced and taught Reiki for many years and he recognised Dr. Chirjuro Hayeshi as the master of Reiki and then Mrs. Takata was initiated as Master of Usai system of Reiki by Mr. Hayashi.


Through the use of the hands and certain energizing symbols, Reiki is drawn from the universe. The needs of the person receiving it, determines the amount of actual life force drawn to each energy centre (chakra) in the body. Reiki can pass through any material substance as it is derived from the infinite and for the same reason; personal energy is not drained in the process. It is channeled through and from collective Universal power by placing hands on ourselves or on others and also with the use of powerful absent healing techniques. So when we become a Reiki Channel, we can draw the Universal life force energy and use it for healing ourselves as well as others.

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