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Reiki Level 3A Training

See yourself in Divine Light and the darkness will never come back to you...

Importance of Reiki Level- III A

First level Reiki provides us with 10 to 20% of Reiki energy. It is focused on physical and aura body healing, while second level Reiki provides the channel with 80 to 90% of healing energy of Reiki. One can experience healing power beyond time and space with second level of Attunement. Third level Reiki, which is also called Master Level 3A Reiki, generates 150% of Reiki energy. That means, a channel who is attuned for level 3A can experience and use 250% of Reiki energy.

Importance of Sahasrar or Crown Chakra

Crown chakra is center of spiritual awareness in our body. It is a chakra of consciousness the Master chakra that controls all other chakras of our body. It is through this chakra that we can get connected to our higher self or higher consciousness.

It is said that just before a person dies, his crown chakra opens up, which connects him with the source and enables the soul to see the light and enables its transition peaceful. Soul begins disconnection with the physical body from the Root chakra level, and then it breaks its connection at sacral chakra with a jolt. Some souls get frightened when it gets this jolt, and fear of unknown closes crown center so soul may transit from other opening. After Attunement of 3A level, our fear transforms into faith. The soul is no more fearful now, and it knows how to work with the crown center with the help of Master Symbol. Being a Reiki 3A channel, one can help other souls for safe and peaceful transit.


Reiki Level-lll A is more about becoming one with higher consciousness. Your focus determines your reality.  Where your awareness is, there you will be.  Reiki level III A is living Reiki, being Reiki.  We are Reiki.  If you see Reiki as separate, something outside of yourself, you are seeing illusion.  If your awareness is Reiki, then you will be Reiki. You become a Reiki tool. 


Course contents

  • Advance Reiki Level III A Master symbol Attunement

  • Reiki Tools

  •  The Seven Layers of Light Body

  • Interaction of the layers with each other

  • The Chakras And The Map

  • Reading the Map

  • Using The Map 

  • Instant Chakra Setting

  • Hand chart

  • Importance Of  3 A Reiki

  • Raising Your Vibrations 

  • Healing methods with Reiki Master symbol

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