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Pathway to Ascension

The Full Story

Ascension is the term used to describe a spiritual journey resulting in the growth of the Soul. It is our journey towards light and ultimately become light. Along the way we learn how to raise our spiritual light by understanding & assimilating new ways of being. Ascension occurs when we raise our awareness to a very high level. This usually takes many lifetimes until we reach a state of knowledge that allows us to move upwards to the next spiritual plane. 

Our Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters are waiting to assist us – all we have to do is ask. The Ascended Master Lord Maitreya is currently in charge of the ascension process on planet Earth. We are living on the Earth at a very important time as the planet is also ascending and moving into a higher dimension of being. Our Ascension journey continues throughout all of our lifetimes and in many dimensions of being – even the Ascended Masters continue to grow and develop.

The Pathway to Ascension Workshops will aid your continuing path of ascension and will assist you in integrating and navigating the huge transformational energies which are pervading the planet at this time. They will assist you as you are transitioning, clearing and making way for these new lighter energies. 

The Pathway to Ascension Level 1


If you feel calling for this workshop, come and join me to “The Pathway to Ascension”
Course includes:

Introduction to Ascension
Preparation for Ascension LEVEL -1

Introduction to Ascension

  1. Connect with your own higher self and  Monad 

  2. Understanding and experiencing Dimensions

  3. The Mahatma energy

  4. Building the Rainbow/ Antahkarana Bridge

  5. The Ascended Masters  and Chohans of the 7 Rays

  6. Invoking, connecting and channeling with the Ascended Masters

  7. Decrees

  8. Invocation of Ascension flame 

  9. Meditations to connect with Intergalactic Masters

Connecting with the Ascended Masters Level- 2

  1. Connect to the Intergalactic Council

  2. Huna Prayers

  3. Petition the Intergalactic Council to help the World Peace.

  4. Seven Veils of Illusion and Archangel Butyalil

  5. Visiting the school of Seraphina in the Inner Planes

  6. Seven Initiations on path of Ascension

  7. Connect with Unicorns and Elemental Dragons

  8. Deepen your connection with 12 fifth dimensional chakra

  9. Access stellar wisdom and connecting your chakras with stars


Your workshop Facilitator
Asha A Doshi
​Asha Doshi is certified Diana Cooper School of White Light Ascension teacher.

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