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The Cosmic Moment in December 2012 brought wonderful new energy to our planet Earth and gave us all opportunities for enlightenment and ascension. Our wonderful planet is undergoing massive changes by raising its energies very rapidly from the third to the fifth dimension. Very soon it will resonate as a fifth-dimensional planet and play its integral part in evolution by shining its wonderful light and vibrations into the Universe. The Lemurians knew that this would be a pivotal time in the Earth’s evolution, so they left crystals in the Earth for us to magnify healing energy and use for our planet.

Message from Diana Cooper






“Now that the ascension of our planet and all on her is accelerating, spiritual teachers are being trained by our School to show those who are ready the way. Angels and Archangels continue to flock to Earth as never before and have asked our School to train lightworkers to help the masses learn about them and connect to them for guidance. If you would like to be a light going out into the world, showing others the way, then this course will help you to manifest your dreams."



The purposes and aims of this teacher training course are to

  • Provide you with an opportunity to help the planet in its evolution.

  • Provide you with the skills and confidence to work with others in a group to help the planet in its evolution.

  • Give you an understanding of Lemuria and the Lemurians.

  • Give you an understanding of Lemurian crystals and why they should remain within the planet.

  • Provide you with a basic knowledge of crystals and their care.

  • Provide you with the opportunity to use Lemurian crystals by either sending healing directly to the crystals that the Lemurians placed within the planet so that this may be magnified within the Earth or by sending healing to the planet with the help of Lemurian crystals that you already have in your possession.

  • Provide you with information on other high-energy help that is available.

  • Provide you with a range of very powerful visualisations and activities for you to use in your own Lemurian healing sessions and workshops.

  • Give you the knowledge to live as lightly as you can on the planet so that you do minimum harm to our planet.

  • Provide you with a comprehensive framework to run your own Lemurian planetary healing sessions and workshops.

  • Give you the expertise to facilitate groups and workshops in a professional manner.


The Lemurian Planetary Healing background and philosophy


This course is mainly experiential, with the emphasis of the training being on developing practical teaching skills, increasing confidence, empowerment and enhancing individuals’ abilities and talents.



Lemurian Planetary Healing Course Content


The Diana Cooper School of White Light Teacher Training Module (20 hours).

(This is common for all teacher training, and you will have to do it only once.)

  • Gives you the expertise and skills to facilitate a group or workshop in a professional manner,

  • Empowers you with the confidence to organise and run workshops,

  • Enables you to help and support both groups and individual clients,

  • Gives you a comprehensive framework for delivering workshops,

  • Personal development and preparation ,

  • On being yourself.


Personal preparation to become a teacher with the Diana Cooper School of White Light

  • Voice and communication skills

  • Learning and teaching skills

  • Preparation to teach and manage workshops

  • Presentation skills

  • Training aids

  • Memory

  • Group energy and listening

  • Managing disruptive behaviour


Creating a safe environment

  • The teacher and the teaching space

  • Confidentiality and safe sharing

  • Grounding

  • Attunement

  • Protection

  • Processing

  • Preparing meditations and visualisations

  • Leading a group visualisation

  • Opening and closing group sessions


Setting up activities

  • Drawing symbols and pictures

  • Ritual and ceremony

The twelve chakra system

  • Information about the 12 Chakra System

  • Visualisation to activate and integrate the 12 Chakras with sacred sound/geometry

  • Exercises to activate and integrate the twelve chakras


Preparing and running workshops

  • Insurance

  • Administration for a workshop

  • Peer support

  • Preparing a workshop programme



  • Practising the 12 Chakra activation visualisation

  • Prepare a short visualisation to present to the group

  • Prepare a short exercise to present to the group

Lemurian Planetary Healing Course Content (13 hours)


This module can only be taken when The Diana Cooper Teacher Training Module has been successfully completed.

This module will:

  • Enable you to lead groups in Lemurian Planetary Healing sessions,

  • Show you how to connect with the Lemurian Healing energy for your own benefit and for others,

  • Empower you with the confidence to speak about Lemuria and the powerful healing in front of others,

  • Give you a variety of activities and visualisations to use to enhance your healing sessions.


Module content:

  • The Background of the Golden Ages and The Lemurians

  • Information on crystals, their care and some crystal interactions

  • Lemurian crystals, including the importance of leaving them within the Earth


The Lemurians’ purpose and other higher help

  • Mother Mary

  • The Cosmic Heart

  • Unicorns

  • Visualisations to Connect to the Cosmic Heart and to connect with the Unicorns


The Lemurian Healing

  • Who can do Lemurian Healing with an activity to prepare for healing

  • Lemurian Planetary healing using crystals within the Earth

  • Lemurian Planetary healing with the use of crystals in your possession

  • Lemurian self-healing

  • Additional visualisations and activities for workshops

  • Practical ways of helping the planet

  • The effect of Lemurian healing  on countries – Africa, Australia, The Great Crystal of Lemuria

  • Grounding the energy of Lemuria – Aborigines, Hummingbirds, Migratory Birds, the Reptile Kingdom


Course Work


You will be required to complete the following by the end of the workshop,

  • Share in leading the Lemurian Planetary Healing sessions and visualisations,

  • A piece of written work on Lemurian Planetary Healing of 1,000 words,

  • Prepare a one-day Lemurian Planetary Healing Workshop programme.


Your Master Teacher will present you with a comprehensive manual, so the emphasis of the

training will be on practising the skills, gaining confidence and empowerment. The manual contains a wealth of activities and visualisations to enable you to create varied workshops to suit the need of your participants.

Qualifying as a Lemurian Planetary Healing Teacher

To be awarded a Teaching Certificate from The Diana Cooper School of White Light, you must

successfully complete both The Diana Cooper School of White Light Teacher Training Module and

the Lemurian Planetary Healing Module, including the written work. This will enable you to say that you are a qualified Lemurian Planetary Healing Teacher with The Diana Cooper School of White Light on your advertising literature.


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