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Crystal healing certificate course

Crystals are natural energy absorbents, transformers (meaning they change energy), re-directors, healers and more… Many crystals are excellent for changing the vibrational frequency and overall patterns of our conscious awareness. Acting through the scientific principle of resonance, they influence the energy of our physical self to become more like the energy of our non- physical Higher Self which makes it easier for us to communicate with intelligent beings, such as Angels, guides, teachers, etc., who reside at higher planes of consciousness. 


Crystals hold the energetic template and energies of the earth and transmit these energies even when they have been excavated.

Crystals can help to realign the energy grids in your body and in doing so help to release stuck energies, emotions, patterns, toxins....... helping the body to self-heal and to return to homeostasis (balance).


Course contents

  • Crystal Attunement

  • Properties of healing crystals

  • Uses of healing crystals

  • Healing with crystals

  • Sushmuna Nadi Meditation

  • Chakra scanning, balancing and healing with crystals 

  • Pendulum dowsing 

  •  Increase healing power of Reiki with Crystal Symbols. 


Workshop Facilitator          

Asha A Doshi~ May You Always Be Divinely Guided ~

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