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Healing Services

Divine Light Healing &Training Centre Helps you to reconnect with your own being.
we provide you with the life transforming therapies which helps you to make your life journey easy, and joyful... 

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Shamanic healing


Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and moreover, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation.  We offer services in

  • Shamanic chakra healing

  • Clearing the light energy fields

  • Clearing negative blocks

  • Installation of band of power

  • Removal of intrusive energies

  • providing powerful shield

  • Soul retrieval 

  • Shamanic death rites


Angel Healing

Angels are pure spiritual beings, who come from the heart of God (or source or the creator) and are manifestations of unconditional love. Their role is to act as messenger or intermediaries for the divine. They help us to heal our four body system and restore our health. you can book services for

  • 12 Chakra activation

  • Cleanse and purify chakra

  • Angel oracle card reading

  • violet flame and lilac fire healing

  •  Arcturians healing

  • MAP healing 

  • Manifesting with the Angels


Systemic Family Costellation

Heal the wounds of generations with the simple but profound healing modality. Heal your past, present and future generation's illness, trauma and sufferings with Systemic Family constellation either in group session or in one on one session. 

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