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Advance Angel Workshop


Angels are pure spiritual beings, who come from the heart of God (or source or the creator) and are manifestations of unconditional love. Their role is to act as messenger or intermediaries for the divine. Angels do not have free will – their will is that of divine will.
Angels come from a part of the Universe called the Seventh Heaven, which is another way of describing the seventh dimension. For many centuries most humans have lived in the frequency band of 3rd dimension. But when we open our hearts, we start to tune into 4th and 5th dimension. The fifth dimension is when we truly start to live with love, joy and harmony. In this dimension our connection with Angels and higher beings of light becomes stronger, our intuition and trust in the Divine more established and as a result we become more co-creators with source. As soon as we start to raise our frequency, we can form a closer connection with our Angels and it is easier to hear their messages.    

Angels vibrate at a very high frequency, which is normally beyond our range of hearing or sight, but clairvoyance can actually see them, clairsentient can feel them and clairaudient can hear their messages.   How do they look like? If an Angel wants to appear to you, they will present themselves in a way which is meaningful to you. (E.g. Light, colour, with wings, aromatic perfume, soothing voice or feeling peaceful.) Occasionally an Angel will take the form of a human being if required.

Facilitator : Asha A Doshi
​Certified Diana Cooper Foundation ~Master Angel Teacher


​Course contents  

#Opening attunement, grounding, protecting, attuning to the energy of Angels. 
#Learn how to connect and communicate with your Angels, Archangels and Guardian Angels.
# Introduction to Angels and Archangels.
# Know who is your Guardian angel.
# Learn how to be a clear channel of angelic messages.
# Understand your Earth Angle qualities. 
​ # Know your clair , open up your Angelic wings, and learn how to channel messages. 
# Change your life and guide others too with angelic guidance with Angel oracle cards. 
# Activate fifth dimensional twelve chakras with Archangels, with 12 chakra exercise, tones of chakra and connect  with Archangels of 12 chakras  
# Markabah protection
# Invocations of Archangels.
# Channeling with higher beings.
# Healing with the Angels.
# Angel meditations.
# Visualisation to meet and communicate with your Guardian Angel.
# Meet Archangel Michael to release cords and set your selves and others free.
# Opening your Third eye chakra and Ear chakra with the help of Archangels.
# Develop your all 'four clairs' with help of Angels.
# Become professional Angel Card Reader
​​ # Certificate.

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