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See yourself in Divine Light and the darkness will never come back to you...

What are the requirements to become a Grand Master Teacher of Reiki?

The prerequisites to become a Grand Master Teacher are successful completion of all Reiki levels of Practitioner training; knowledge of the Reiki symbols; experience of giving Reiki treatments; and a deep commitment to the service of healing and teaching. Additionally, you need to have at least 3 months of treating yourself with Reiki Master Symbol energy before you begin the Master Teacher training. Advanced registration is required. The main content of this course is how to prepare for attunements and how to pass on attunements.

In Grand Master level you will learn how to pass attunement for 3A level and to train Masters. It is up to the student then what to add to 3A level as in traditional Reiki Master Symbol is important to teach. You may wish to add Soul Retrieval, past life regression, age regression, psychic cord cutting, psychic surgery, chakra balancing etc. You may prefer to take training to learn all these techniques when you are ready for it separately. In any of these techniques, one must be well prepared and should be comfortable to learn it. The small courses are tailor made for the participating students. In Grand Master course, every one learns according to their own awareness.


Alternative Therapy
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